Private Yoga Sessions


Free consultation

60 minute session

1 month package deal


First, we begin with a consultation. Consultations allow us to have a relaxed conversation about any areas of concern and/or focus. I back my private sessions with research on the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Each private yoga session is unique to the individual and can change with you. All of my sessions begin with mindfulness meditation which strengthens the brain and facilitates the mind-body connection. Yoga is a multifaceted discipline, because of this I encourage my clients to commit to a four session package.

Thai Yoga Massage


90 minute session


Thai Yoga Massage is performed on the floor, fully clothed. The practitioner stretches your body through a sequence of yoga postures, while thumbing and palming along sen lines (think maridians) and marma points (or energy points.) It induces relaxation and is rejuvenating as well. Benefits may last for a couple days or even a week.

Moments in Meditation


10-60 Minutes

Morning Mindset


Lunchtime Reset


A mindfulness meditation focusing on the breath and pranayama or yogic breathing techniques.


You can schedule a mindfulness meditation for as short as 10 minutes or up to 60. 20-60 minute sessions include restorative yoga postures. You can schedule a Morning Mindset session to kick start your employee's day or you can schedule a lunchtime reset session on your break for a quick 10 minute reset.

Speaking Engagements


30 minute presentation

Demonstrations upon request


Wanting to learn more about yoga? How about it's therapeutic benefits? Why are doctors worldwide suggesting yoga and meditation to their patients? What makes yoga different than exercise? Are you curious if there is any research on yoga and it's benefits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can schedule me to speak at your next event.