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I have been working with Savana since 2016. I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, for which there is no cure. We meet once per week, and I find the stretching and poses that we can do to be essential for me to get through the week. It has been a real pleasure to work with Savana and see her find the discipline of yoga that she has decided to make her specialty. The amount of work and dedication that she has shown towards advancing that interest has been a neat thing to witness.

It is without any hesitation or reservation that I would wholeheartedly recommend Savana to anyone looking to utilize yoga.


Steve B.

"Following a massive stoke, the stretching and breathing of yoga facilitated my regaining general good health, which was compromised by the inactivity and poor nutrition of my extended stay in a hospital. The general well-being that was restored by yoga and assisted stretching, permitted me to pursue the more traditional physical therapy that was needed to reclaim a normal life after being paralyzed. The restoration of a sense of balance through basic yoga postures was helpful in walking and other therapies. Being down on the yoga mat on a weekly basis helped me to confront my fears of being on the floor, which hampered my daily chores. Loosening and stretching muscles that had been neglected while confined to a bed was instrumental in making a return to a regular life of independence.

I've been doing yoga and assisted stretching for four years. Since 2016, has been with Savana through Om Your Day. I have never been asked to do anything dangerous or beyond my limited abilities."

Jeff H.

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I have been practicing yoga with Savana since 2016. I find this experience very fulfilling. I practice yoga to help me ground my thinking towards what is really most important to me, to quiet my mind and to help me achieve better sleep. I also notice very distinctly, that on the weeks that I miss yoga my thinking is more scattered, less controlled and my body is more stiff. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Savana, her peaceful guiding voice and directions. I find my sessions with Savana to be very uplifting and positive experiences. I am certain this is due in part to her positive yet searching nature and of being in the presence of this uplifting and open aura.   


Pamela S.

"I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis 27 years ago, when I was 27 years old. I decided that I needed to do something to help improve my health. I have been doing yoga for over 6 years. It has helped with my strength, balance and spasticity issues. I have been working with Savana for almost a year. Savana has been very helpful in coming up with poses that help me with these issues. A few months ago, I was hospitalized for 5 days due to MS, just moving in a hospital bed was a challenge. I feel that yoga with Savana has been important to my recovery process. Savana has helped me in my rehabilitation by rebuilding my strength and balance which has helped me partially regain my mobility. I went from being unable to walk, to using a walker and now I am trying to transition to a platform cane with hopes to not need a cane at all. I recommend Savana to anyone looking to help with any health issues or just to better your overall health, mentally and physically. Tell yourself what I did, I have nothing to loose and everything to gain."

Kathy D.

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